ClearData is officially established! After months of planning and preparation, it was a moving feeling when we saw the name of our company in the UID register and commercial register.

We can still remember the dinner after Christmas 2020, when the idea of our own company took its first roots. The evening started a bit chaotic after the raclette grill caused a short circuit, we suddenly sat in the dark and a small cloud of smoke rose from the grill. We took the whole thing with humor and spent a cozy evening together. When the topic came up whether we had ever thought about starting our own business, at the beginning it was more of an indulgence instead of a concrete idea.

Almost half a year later, this idea is a fact. We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who inspired and supported us in this process.

We are very excited about what the future will bring and we already know that in case of big successes as well as a small short circuit, we will tackle the matter with humor and team spirit!

The ClearData team