Data analyses are a comprehensive topic in statistics. They offer the perfect means to draw the right conclusions from data and subsequently make sustainable decisions for the company. Let us help you gain the correct insights from your data.

Customer bases

  • Which are my best customers?
  • Did my campaign make a relevant difference?


  • Which product is queried most often?
  • Which parts of my website are never accessed?

To ensure transparency in such analyses, all applied methods and statistics are discussed and explained in detail.

Quality Analysis

How good is your data really?
If you have hidden duplicates or questionable addresses in your data, we will uncover them for you. In terms of content, you can compare your data with the expected values of the FSO (Federal Statistical Office). These are only two examples of how a quality analysis can be applied. We will be happy to advise you individually on which of these fits your data set.

Survey Evaluations

Surveys are often started and carried out, then unfortunately only sparsely or not at all evaluated. Already when creating the questions, many points must be taken into account so that the survey can subsequently be evaluated in a meaningful way:

  • What is the hypothesis of the survey and which core question is to be answered?
  • What is to be measured and how?
  • Which attributes will be compared with each other afterwards?

Let us help you design your survey and then evaluate it correctly. A properly used survey is a powerful tool for strategic decision making.