Create surveys

The use of surveys is a decisive factor in the investigation of markets, opinions and conditions of the most diverse target groups.

Surveys are often started and carried out, and then unfortunately evaluated only sparsely or not at all. Already during the creation of the questions many points must be considered, so that the survey can be evaluated afterwards meaningfully:

  • What is the hypothesis of the survey and which core question is to be answered?
  • What is to be measured and how?
  • Which attributes will be compared afterwards?
  • We help you to design a correct survey to answer your open questions. We distinguish between three types of surveys.


Exploratory surveys are often used to clarify possible problems, areas of potential growth and questions that require statistical research.


This type of survey is concerned with exploring opinions, attitudes, or behaviors of defined groups of people. Findings in these areas help to better understand certain issues.


Causality surveys help to understand what are causes and what are their effects. In addition, it is possible to explore what relationships exist between causal variables and their expected effects.

Evaluate surveys

Let us help you evaluate your survey correctly. A properly used survey is a powerful tool for strategic decision making. We also help you distinguish between causality and correlation. Avoid misinterpreted statements, errors due to outliers and unfavorable decisions with our support.